Our planting is site specific and client specific. We acknowledge that climate change is a pressing issue for future generations so our designs incorporate plants suited to the conditions of the site. Factors associated with hard-landscaping such as SUDS and rain water harvesting also impact upon the long-term health of your plants. We treat the whole site as a self-supporting eco-system, to ensure that whilst your garden looks great today, it minimises the impact upon resources and also upon future generations.

We can implement schemes that work for you according to the amount of maintenance and know-how available to you in the future. Our planting schemes are built to last and we don’t intend to walk away once the last plant is in the ground; we aim to foster a communicative and long-term relationship with you and/or your maintenance team to ensure the success of the garden for many years to come.

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Planting for Nature

Once we agree upon an aesthetic that’s right for you and your space, we design a planting scheme that provides benefits to you and to the wider environment. We seek to use plants that are of use to pollinating insects, but also native plants that can be used as hosts for invertebrates at every stage of their development. Our gardens promote biodiversity and provide an environment that’s welcoming to every visitor.

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